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        China coking coal hits 13-mth peak on firmer demand, tighter supply

        Chinese coking coal futures climbed to their strongest in more than a year on Wednesday as Beijing&rsquo;s...

        Oct 18, 2018

        Two Ships With U.S. Soybeans Head to China With Trade War Lingering

        Two more vessels loaded with U.S. soybeans have departed for China, signaling that buyers may be getting more...

        Oct 17, 2018

        China’s export container transport gains momentum in September

        China&rsquo;s container transport for export purposes gained momentum in September, according to new data from the...

        Oct 15, 2018

        China Coal Imports Fall Sharply

        China&#39;s coal imports dropped sharply in August from the month before, customs data showed on Friday, after...

        Oct 15, 2018

        Europe, China join hands drawing maritime blueprint

        Upon entering the ship repair zone at the port of Piraeus, southern Greece, one could easily notice the immense floating dock painted in black and red and...

        Oct 15, 2018

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